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Practical Maritime
and Safety Training


Helping you succeed every step of the way

If you’re passionate about the sea and want to advance in your career, you have come to the right place for efficient and enjoyable training.

Depending on your goals, you can choose from various commercial maritime and safety courses. Gain qualifications to crew and/or skipper inshore, coastal, and offshore vessels.

Take a virtual tour of our dedicated training vessel!


Gain confidence and safety skills in our Advanced Sea Survival course

If you’re planning on heading offshore on a recreational vessel, it’s crucial that you know how to act in an emergency.

Our Advanced Sea Survival course equips you with critical survival skills that can decide the outcome of an emergency.

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Become a deckhand or Emergency Vessel Handler

A great way to start off in the maritime industry is as a Deckhand or Emergency Vessel Handler.

These qualifications allow you to work at sea, where you will gain valuable hands-on experience. A fantastic stepping stone on the pathway to becoming a skipper.

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Gain your Skipper Restricted Limits ticket

If you have some experience on the water, and are ready to gain your skipper’s ticket, you can complete your Training Record Book with us on the course.

These tickets allow you to skipper commercial vessels up to 12 metres (or up to 24m and even 500 gross tons with endorsements) up to 12 nautical miles from shore.

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Train for endorsements or a higher-level ticket

If you’re an experienced skipper looking to upskill, you might consider training for endorsements or coastal and offshore tickets.

We offer training for the 500GT endorsement, as well as Watchkeeper Deck <500gt, Mate Fishing Vessel Limited and Unlimited and Skipper Fishing Vessel Unlimited.

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Our mission is to provide practical training to help you take your maritime career to the next level.

Dedicated training vessel

Practical skills are best learned hands on! That’s why we have a dedicated training vessel where you get the real experience (depending on your course). Learn more about our training vessel here.

Student focus

You will be paired with a tutor who will guide you through the process from start to finish.


When designing our courses, we stripped out all unnecessary roadblocks and obstacles to foster an efficient and enjoyable learning process.

Browse All Skipper Courses

At Skipper Training, we offer a range of courses whether you want to be a skipper or a deckhand.

We also want to give you all the relevant information to choose the course that’s best for you.

Advanced Sea Survival Course

Our Advanced Sea Survival course equips you with theoretical knowledge (classroom), practical knowledge (wet drills) and cover a wide range of emergency scenarios to survive at sea.

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Skipper Restricted Limits training courses

Skipper Restricted Limits (SRL)

Its not like school!
We invented practical delivery for SRL after teaching in a traditional polytec  and seeing some students struggle in that setting.  Complete your Training Record Book on our block course, not before. We have an illustrated activity book to help you prepare, so there isn’t anything online!

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An alternative option for companies to employ a deckhand as a mate if they do not hold SRL<24. (Maritime NZ exemption required)

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This workshop is designed to help those with sufficient sea time with the completion of their Training Record Book (TRB) to allow them to sit their oral exam with Maritime NZ.

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Skipper Fishing Vessel Unlimited (SFV-U)

This course enhances your ability to navigate the complexities of the international fishing industry and opens doors to the top roles, all while accommodating your current professional commitments.

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Mate Fishing Vessel (MFV) Unlimited

This course offers comprehensive training through blended learning for those wanting to gain a qualification as a mate on fishing vessels of any size operating in international waters.

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Deck Watch Rating

The DWR role can be a perfect first step towards becoming a watchkeeper, which is a crucial role on the bridge. From DWR you can progress to Able Seafarer Deck (AB Deck).

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Watchkeeper Deck <500GT & Mate Fishing Vessel Limited

Our Watchkeeper Deck < 500GT / Mate Fishing Vessel (Limited) course is designed for crew aiming for careers on cargo ships or fishing vessels.

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