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Coxswain Grade 1 (Aus)

Equivalent to Skipper Restricted Limits (<12m NZ)

Info on gaining your Coxswain Grade 1 Certificate...

A Coxswain can take control of a ferry, water taxi, jet boat, yacht, catamaran, tourism vessel and a variety of work boats.

The Coxswain Grade 1 certificate is an Australian qualification that can be easily transferred to the Maritime NZ qualification Skipper Restricted Limits, allowing you to work in NZ.

This Australian course MAR20318 Certificate II in Maritime Operations (Coxswain Grade 1 NC) is shorter than our SRL course, though there are higher sea time requirements. Check the comparison chart.

This two-week course includes written and practical on-water assessments.

SRL or COXSWAIN GRADE 1 Course Requirements

Which Course is Right for You?

Coxswain Grade 1SRL
Certificates Permits you to operate a vessel less than 12m in Australian inshore waters. Recognised by MNZ as equivalent to SRL <12mPermits you to operate a vessel less than 12m (24m with endorsement) up to 12 nautical miles from shore.
Course requirementsRequires 30 days on a commercial vessel with completion of AMSA Task Book or 240 days on any vessel without Task Book. Completion of a recognised training course and practical assessments. Additional requirements such as first aid and radio certificate. Always check the AMSA website for the latest and additional requirements
Complete your activity book and our block course (can be done in increments to suit your schedule) Your training record book will be completed during our block course MNZ oral exam and meet eligibility requirements. Download the guideline here.
Always check the MNZ website for the latest requirements and information.
CLICK HERE for the MNZ website We are here to help you. Contact us for help anytime.
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Course duration3-5 week course, depending on the school4-5 week block course after completing helpful maritime industry activity book
Sea time requirements30 days on a commercial vessel with completion of AMSA task book OR 240 days on any vessel without completion of AMSA task book200 hours (about 25 days) recreational or commercial. 24 metre endorsement requires additional seatime.
ExamAMSA practical assessments (AMPA)MNZ Exam
CostCost dependant on which school you choose.Check back with us after November to confirm funded course cost. Check Fees Free website
Fees Free website $4500 For Nautical & Engineering Training (RPL) $1500 For 1 week MNZ Training and Record Book (TRB) completion on our training vessel if combined with above. $2500 if you are doing your training elsewhere. GST exclusive
Accepted qualificationQualification valid in Australia and can be converted to be valid in NZ.
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Qualification valid in NZ and can be recognised in Australia.
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Note: This is an Australian course than can lead to an Australian Maritime Safety Authority qualification that may be recognised by Maritime NZ. This is not an NZQA approved course - if you do this course, you will enrol with a school approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)

PLEASE NOTE: Australian courses are offered by Australian Registered Training Organisations and are not NZQA approved courses. We’re just helping spread the message, and happy to help answer questions.


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